Valuable Clients

Our maximum clients are international. We are proud to be able to serve them.

Wearhouse Project


Like every other company, we have the human resources to set up warehouses at Amazon eCommerce. We listen to their needs first, then serve them according to their needs.

Wearhouse Project


Bateel is one of the best e-commerce companies in Saudi Arabia. We at Bateel have Warehouse workers, Maintenance workers, Labor, Forklift operators, and human resources. Our employees conduct their work with reputation.

Construction Sector

Saudi Services for Electro Mechanic Works (SSEM)

We provide human resources in SSEM with maximum security. Those who are working with a reputation in SSEM. We employ all the human resources, including Electrician, Carpenter, Mason, and Pipe Fitter in SSEM.

Construction Clients

Warehouse Sector

Restaurant Sector

Shipping Sector

We Provide the Best Service in Industry‚Äč

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