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We are a reputed manpower supplier in Saudi Arabia. We are responsible for arranging your warehouse management. We also provide manpower at your business restaurants, construction, and shipping sites. Our staff is honest, fearless, and fair.

Companies turn to Manpower for high-quality aptitude and the skillfulness they require to address their characteristic world of work challenges with speed. We have the solutions that push your company ahead.

Warehouse Recruitment Agencies

We have provided manpower in the warehouses of many reputed companies in Saudi Arabia, including Amazon, jollychic, Noon

Our Specialization

Our Specialization

We have trained skilled manpower. They are ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. They have their proficiency in subjects. They are fluent in English and proficient in computer operation.


Our staff has skills in ware house management.


We have a lot of contacts on the construction site.


We have workers in different factories for manufacturing.


Our staff has a good reputation as a waiter in restaurants.


Our staff is providing fantastic service on the shipping site.


We provide logistics services to various companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the most efficient and effective Warehouse solutions recruiting service to all of our clients while also building a good influence on people’s lives by facilitating proper matches.

Our Vision

Our vision is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative workforce solutions and services. So that, help our clients win in the changing world of tomorrow.

Our Values

We are a high-performing, high-quality business that is committed to human resources and employment. Our clients and community can rely on us as a reliable partner and resource.

What Our Clients Say

The client is the goal of any business. The main objective of our business is to keep the client happy with quality service. For this reason, we have to turn our staff into skilled manpower through regular training.

Their workers are very skilled and tidy. We are very happy with their warehouse management.
General Manager
Human Resource Department
We are very happy to receive their services. I wish you success. They will play a significant role in the Saudi economy through good service.
HR Manager
Human Resource Department
Their waiters serve the customers very efficiently. Which is very helpful in improving our business. Their cleaners are very clean..
Muskan Restaurant

Our Recent Projects

Most of our clients are multinationals. Their role in the Saudi economy is unparalleled. There are many famous restaurants in this country to which we supply staff. ( )


salasa co


isnaad Resturent





Masrf Group


Why Choose Us

Our firm is the greatest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when it comes to manpower.


Please contact us to learn more about our low prices. Only one firm in Saudi Arabia does not provide our rate.


We can supply a team or individuals to match your needs whether you wish to work for a day or six months.


We can satisfy all of your site’s personnel requirements, making a contract with us a breeze.